Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back Online

This Author has been thrown out of hospital, and perforce must do something. Still sore and somewhat incapitated, he will try to provide originality in the days ahead. Short insight: the Health industry may await a Downsizing in the years ahead, the reason being the Cost of Services in the face of Market uncertainity. High Profit ratios have led to an overdevelopment of medical Labor resources in an arena where only Cost-Cutting Procedures will last given the artificial shakey structure of the industry. Expansion of the Proscription D side of Medicare and Medicaid may be delusional, as most Insurance policies offered might be the best derived. The Future may hold a Crisis, in the face of alternative procedures available; eventually there must be sharp competition, especially in the reality of a possible younger Population. Remember that the latest round of Disease and Illness have swung to the Terminal.

One element the Author noted in his latest sojourn in health facilities consists of the multiple increase in Energy usage of modern medicine. It will impact as Energy prices rise--both in the venue of medical technology, and in the realm of Proscription drugs. Medicine has been pushing the Inflationary envelope since the late 1960s, and differential Payscales between Industries proclude added Charges. lgl

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