Friday, January 20, 2006

Japan's Ban on American Beef Imports

Japan has again banned American beef. Something smells? American Meatpackers have traditionally been exacting in fulfilling Customer Orders. They know that ReOrders do not come without such exactitude. Simply put, there was deliberate violation of Japanese demands. Why?

It might be the native Ecoterrorists--Animal Rights Groups are quite fanatical, even though three major Terrorists were recently arrested. It could be al Quada, who desire to estrange the two major Trading powers of the World; alongside the chance to spread disease in the West. It could simply be disgruntled American Worker or Businessman, who wished to tell the Japanese to 'stick their Regulations where the Sun don't shine'.

American leadership may proclaim the Japanese reaction was excessive, but this ignores the deep Japanese fear of Pandemics. Japan cannot endure an Image which allows the United States greater deferment from Japanes regulations. They are too close and integrated to the source of Pandemics--the current outbreak being Asian flu which has had many predicessors in China and south Asia. Americans cannot lightly dismiss the Japanese alarm. lgl

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