Friday, January 06, 2006

Two Million Jobs Year Over Year

The Author will simply say: I don't think So!

How many of the Jobs quoted were just Replacement jobs for ones which were completed, especially in the Construction industry--Author-estimated 300,000. The Software industry also shifted a probable 100,000 Jobs in like manner. The Retail industry could probably add another 200,000 Jobs to the total. The administration, though, can still claim a substantial gain in the number of Jobs.

Bush said it himself today, in stating that 18-38 years olds could expect to hold 10 different Jobs in the Period. He claimed this was the dynamics of the American economy with its Jobs generation. He failed to mention that the indicated Individuals could be expected to be without a Job for a substantial period of the 20 years--this Author estimating somewhere between 2-3 years of the Period. Unemployment periods are exactly that which destroys the Savings capacity of the American Worker, and additionally causes the major impetus behind the rise in Credit Card debt. Advanced Education and Training does not reduce the Job-Search Costs, and reduces the duration of Unemployment very little. The admirable record of the Tax Cuts are belied by the slow Job recovery since the Economic turnaround.

The truth states that the profligate Spending by the Bush administration has actually sapped the vitality of the Economy, in the face of the Recovery forces. The Fed needing to raise Interest rates over the past Year clearly expresses the overdraft of Resources for non-Productive Spending. The Challenge to Bush must be made, because of the Challenge of George W. Bush, who cannot genuinely aid the Economy by Spending. lgl

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