Thursday, January 19, 2006

Net-Centric Warfare

This Author had written an extensive review of a Paper by a Major Nicholson on Battle Command. My Blog Server decided to eat it. A true sadness as it was probably one of my better efforts--however good they may be!

My criticique of the microManagement which the Military calls 'net-centric warfare' was ablaze with lucidity (or so the Author thinks). It contained almost logical argument on the dangers involved with net-centric warfare. Nicholson claimed that the Solution was the expertise of command. Here are my arguments against this position:

1) Enemy Commanders can be equally skilled
2) We may not always going to be technologically superior
3) There is excessive amounts of Ordiance always utilized (too much Gun), where one day We will suffer from insufficient Lines of Communication
4) We lose the Initiative at the Battle point, while lead elements wait for coming advanced weaponry delivery systems.
5) American Commanders have Training only in the Offensive, but Stalmates cost high Casualty rates without knowledge of Assault skills, and what American Commander has Training in use of Advanced Weapons systems to engineer effective Retreats? lgl

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