Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Trends

Everyone else may provide Predictions, but this Author will surrender personal desires which he hopes will become Trends. Some of these may seem very complex, but can be sorted out easily with the use of IT. Many among Economists may laugh, but this provision might engender some discussion.

1) All Taxation of Personal Responsibility will be eliminated except for a graduated Business Income Tax, said tax rate grades determined by percentage of Operational Profits--not simple Income levels; reminding that absolutely no Tax deferments be granted at any Time.

2) Gas Taxes will be assessed at the Pump and graduated by the MPG ratings of the vehicle. Commercial freight vehicles will be assessed at only One-Quarter the tax rate as the rest of Motorists. Other Fuel taxes will be graded by type of activity, whether Productive or simple Heating.

3) The Federal Government passes a solid Debt ceiling, where new Spending must be endorsed only with reduction of other Spending at the identical same level.

4) Passage into of a Federal Order than only that level of Federal Employees can be hired each Year, where the total number of Federal Hires will total a Federal Labor Roll some 40% less in 30 years.

5) Passage into Federal law restriction of Subordinate levels of Government for Business Startups through the usage of differential Tax advantages.

Is my list realistic?
The current matrix of Lobbying effort exerted at every level of Government in this Country would say such a Program is unreachable. The dire Trade pattern where Legislators, Representatives, and Senators (not to mention City Councils) sell their Votes to each other to gain Votes for their own agenda forestall the realization. The Budgetary malfeasant of all levels of Government, though, propel for a Change. lgl

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