Saturday, January 21, 2006

Military Supply Contracts

The NYTimes lead article in the Business section today dealt with the complexity of military supply contracts. The Author must first say he is busy this Weekend, and did not read it. Sufficient to state that one, small company is incapable of meeting the demand schedules for military personnel who have already been deployed in large quantities. It is a 'Catch-Up' game which can never be won. The second statement to be made on the supply of Body armor for the Troops says the entire thinking on Body armor is flawed. We do not need heavier weight on the Troops, but lighter materials. This Author believes a continous-line of unbreakable Thread underlaid by padding able to exhute Sweat, and also distribute impact from the initial point of impact is the answer.

I am finally going to be operated on Monday to implant a Defibulator (my heart is even more anarchistic than myself). I will not be Posting until the middle of next Week. lgl

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