Thursday, January 05, 2006

Novak Again makes the Call

January 5, 2006
"The Nancy Problem"By Robert Novak

Bob Novak again outlines a Problem, one which affects all of Us: the aged leadership of the House. This is not a rant against Seniors, Bob himself showing some Years, as does this Author. The Problem is a House leadership wrapped up in Points of Order, rather than real Points of Discussion. The House leadership, whether Democrat or Republican, has been in office too long. It is not a simple Call for Term limits, only a need to free up Committee business. House leadership have answered too many Roll Calls; they are tied to previous Votes, which do not meet the needs of Today.

The Scandal in Washington may disturb the 'Business as Usual' philosophy in D.C. Current action by all Congressional leadership, though, is straight 'Damage Control'. The fact they are shedding the monies provided by people who turned States' Evidence should not be allowed, in terms of whether or not the receiptiants should be held accountable. The Voters have the opportunity to make a Change, through Prosecutors, or by their Votes.

Real discussion of how Congress does Business must be the agendas of the next campaigns. Voters and Journalists who fail to maintain this pursuit will be doomed to the current performance of Our Congress. lgl

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