Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Truth admist Illusion

Mirage and oasis
Energy choices in an age of global warming

This Report uses Scare tactics, some of which should frighten, some should not. The threat of aging nuclear power stations is very real; something must be done soon, and it will be very expensive. The heating Global atmosphere is a problem, as is the Oil Peak; but the later cancels the former to some degree before the realization of the Former. The Oil Peak does present the greatest danger to economic performance. Microgeneration of electricity has its limitations, and serious concentration methodology will have to be utilized to take over major aspects of the Grid; though there is great savings in transmission loss. Microgeneration will eventually entail as large a Capital outlay as nuclear power, if it is to serve as replacement for it.

The intrinsic Cost of the Capital will forestall the extension of electrical power to the currently impoverished population without Power. The fact stands that Local control of electrical generation, whether Microgeneration of Renewable Sources, Fossil Fuels, or nuclear power requires heavy education of Local residents--a further vast Cost. No alternative will be cheap despite all Claims.

The Oil Peak, though, is a very real threat, and will bring economic dislocations; a fact which will operate within the lifespan of the current Young. It is something which will have to be addressed, and relatively quickly. lgl

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