Monday, January 16, 2006

Reading List on Iraq

Remarks to the Security Policy Working Group Forum on Iraq
James K. Galbraith, Chair, Economists for Peace and Security
February 22, 2005
January 17, 2005
How to Exit Iraq
by Christopher Preble
Gareth Porter

These are three relatively reasonable arguments on Exit strategy on Iraq. The trouble with these Works lay in lack of knowledge of American Politics. The Invasion of Iraq was the prime element of the administration of the current sitting President. Bush has made a strong stand on Counterterrorism the ideological context of his Administration, and early asserted the Invasion of Iraq was a tactical fulfillment of the defined Strategic end. Knowledgeable individuals tried to warn it was a tactical Sideline without remedial effect. The Invasion went forward!

Bush assertiveness on Iraq has bound his Administration to an expensive Commitment for this Country, from which he cannot back away without loss of political control in this Country; his Administration will be a total 'Lame Duck' three years ahead of schedule. Diplomatic and Military Policy has entered the realm of American Politics, and cannot escape. The chance of American exit from Iraq under the Bush administration is only 1 in 20, and will destroy the political leadership of Bush if accomplished.

The next Presidential campaign will be based upon the Exit strategies expressed by the Candidates. Losses and Expense should assure that both Candidates will advocate some Exit from Iraq, but whichever that advocates only after a reduction of violence in Iraq will be the wrong choice! lgl

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sevenpointman said...

read your three posted plans and your comments.
I find major problems with them.
Will soon be posting a comprehensive rebuttal to all of them.
If you can draw yourself away for a minute from the
nightmare scenarios of the neo-cons, and recharge your liberal side-check out my exit strategy for iraq.
It appears on my blog: sevenpointman

When you have digested it-pass it along to Mr.Gaibraith, Mr, Porter and Mr.Preble.

Let them know I am available for debate.

Howard Roberts