Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bacl and Decker Automobiles?

I have been informed by an Exercise pardner that there is now a brochure out about the possibility of an Air Pressure automobile. The idea holds real fascination, utilizing the concept of Wind Power to generate electricity to run the Compression units, then design of Air tanks and Air motor to generate power to the Wheels. The motor, if utilizing current rotary engine technology connected to centrifugal flywheel to accumulate potential energy, could be relatively easy to manufacture. A major Weight issue enters into the equation at this point, defeating the proposed project: the weight of the Air tanks will dissipate the deliverable Power to movement because of greater weight on the tires. The old conundrum, greater weight of vehicle requires greater Air pressure, greater Air pressure impels heavier Air tanks. The process ends in Self-Defeat.

Bright Shining Light:
What if the Air tanks were composed of the centrifugal flywheel in the first place? This would obviously cut drastically the total weight of the Vehicle, but the level of Air pressure would still prevent adequate Power-to-Wheel ratios. But Wait! What if the Air tanks were composed of Baffle layers like an Accordion, with layers separated by air pressures values designed to open and discharge at set Air pressures? The Attempt here would be to utilize the Air pressure to contain greater Air pressure closer to the Center. The total weight of the outer Containment could be reduced, while much higher Air pressure could be maintained in the Center. Where are our Engineers with their Square root of a -1?

The Above problem could be resolved, leaving only two further Problems. The first being how to maintain the power ratio to the engine after half the Air pressure has been dissipated, and the Second of how to pack enough Air pressure into the tanks to get a sufficient Mileage per tank to make the vehicle viable for Road use. lgl

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