Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plant Aguaculture

Mark Thoma brings Us a link to Jeffrey Sachs on the Blue Revolution, where he discusses the potential of a basic fish farming, but under new technological constraints. I wonder at the paucity of the article. I have been advocating Genetic grafting and Culture of oceanic plant life, both for human and animal consumption for at least a decade. Why do People limit their Thought to extracting fish catches from the Sea?

One first has to realize that Oceans are an ecosystem. We could quadruple the total number of Feed fish and triple the draw of fish-eating species which humans eat toward the continental shelves. We must integrate the Concept of farming the continental shelves, making whole stretches of these Shelves covered by nutritious carpets of aquatic plant life; life that is perennial and showing the properties of grasses of quick regrowth upon cropping. Feed fish would quickly multiply, and the fish-eaters will follow. Once a genetic development program is devised, I picture a possible 2 million square mile carpeting of the continental shelves Worldwide. The plant life has to have an indestructible Root system with rapid regrowth potential; fertilized by natural Ocean currents.

Close-in seabed can be devoted to human consumption farming. I see a vast number of plant foods genetically-designed to potentially produce up to 30% of the Vegetable biomass currently produced on land of humanly-eatable substance. One can envision fishing vessels restricted to deep Oceans, while permanently anchored Ocean homes would operate a set number of area traps and Lines; the Catch collected by Fish Tank vessels who pump out the caught biomass from holding tanks, they also operating as ferries for Shoppers etc. traveling to the mainland (identical technology transferable from Oil platforms). The Ideal here is a two million dollar Fish platform which produces a half-million dollar fish catch per year. Hence the need for Plant aquaculture to sustain fish catch levels. lgl

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