Saturday, June 30, 2007

Different Philosophy

I had written a Post which admittedly was not of high quality, then proceeded to lose it in a fantastic Slight-of-Hand on my computer. I will undoubtedly come upon it at some unopportune time in the future. It basically contained some idiot links to unimportant Web pages, now lost in the ozone. The entirety remains no great loss to humanity, simple criticism of the American Dental Association, the current trend of Advertising directed at children, and the misdirection of effort in Budget-cutting in the attempt to downsize the Federal Government. An unexciting mix is it not?

I had already written the title of my Post, though, and the subject fascinates myself, so that I am free-wheeling this scripture. It has always been my contention that Change will come to nothing, until there is a mental change which has occurred first. A prime example must be the arena of Federal Spending: Legislators are poor Budget-cutters, a basic function of Program managers. The real duty of legislators is to set the amount of Funds which will be devoted to any program, then to see such funding parameters are met. Program managers stand as most capable of determination of best devotion of specific funding. Legislators need to set the total largesse of the Budget, and ensure Program managers get fired, or sent to prison for writing bad Checks, if they do not meet budget guidelines. Voters then need to terrorize the legislators into setting proper budget limits. This is how Federal Spending reduction can be achieved.

The Targeting of children, and the mentally-defective, by Advertising can be curtailed by Fines to Advertising Agents who utilize sublimial compulsions to impel Sales. How could this be accomplished? Create an Advertising commission, like State Troopers on the Interstate system, who are charged with finding so many Violations per year; simply for finding the worst Offenders, and smacking them with a heavy Fine. Court adjucation can be forestalled with establishment of a Last-Ditch Advertising Court, which has absolute jurisdiction without any superior Appeal process; if it becomes too draconian, simply impeach the Judge. The Court should utilize the Advertising process against itself, with Fines consisting of 25%, 50%, and 100% of the Advertising-run Costs through the Public mediums.

This is How to get effective Change in undesirable aspects of American society. lgl

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