Friday, June 08, 2007

Systemically Organize

We have a basic Dispute Here between Cactus at Angry Bear and Free Exchange. The Later would want perfect data feed before Comparisons, while Cactus uses what he can find recorded to attempt Estimates. The first is impossible to find, the later will always lead to distortions. It still must be considered possible to construct some statistical comparison between Political Parties.

I would suggest that both turn their attention to mid-year collected data on the Average Income of Consumers (adjusted for Inflation), minus any increase in Consumption Debt (again adjusted for Inflation). The second suggestion I would have is that they extend this data for as far as they can find it recorded, which requires a request to the Federal Reserve and the BLS, both Units have comparison data extending back somewhere into the First World War.

AIt–CDt may in itself seem like a poor Guide to the health of the Economy, but it is easy to organize into a Comparison table split by levels of Presidential leadership, Majority compositions of Congress, and even altered Economic policy Initiatives. The value of such a Comparison table would permanently lay to rest speculation on the possible existence of a Lead-Time before an Economic policy takes place. I advance this idea only in the Spirit of economic rigor, and because at my advanced and unqualified Age, I will not touch Numbers-crunching. lgl

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