Monday, June 11, 2007

Opinion after Opinion

Chris Dillow terminates a Love Affair with Opinion, which might have been laid on with a too broad brush. Opinion contains more than simple prejudice, else belief remains nothing more than a mathematical Proof. I do hope Opinion can reach a greater height than Tribal identification, knowing I feel disinclination to be associated with several personal family members, to say nothing of Drinking buddies or the Group with whom I regularly eat Lunch; I minding not personal acquaintance, simply ideological stance. But here again, this remains only a matter of Opinion.

The Informed Reader should read this Post by Menzie Chinn. I am not as puzzled at David Altig or Menzie Chinn about the Inflation worries, knowing that We must settle into a stable Energy Pricing structure, before We ever get to an effectual Core Inflation calm. The Rationale for this Statement comes in the knowledge that swings of Household Costs defeats the basic schematic of Household Budgeting for Consumers, this means Consumer Products appear on and disappear off many Household radars in terms of affordable Cost, and is disastrous when already Contracted in Consumer Debt. Any Statement that only Core Inflation matters is stupid in the face of continually swinging Prices.

I agree with Mark Thoma on this One. It is not a fundamental Problem with Medicare, only with the general lack of adequate Medical provision in this Country. One of the simplest Solutions for Medicare Costs is to tie Medicare premiums to the health care Inflation rate. This would induce great pressures to suppress Medicare Costs in particular, and general Health Care Costs in general. The real Problem, though, remains the need for Universal Health Care, and personal knowledge that Health Care Costs will only be limited by a universal One-Payer system of standardized Costs. We will face ever-increasing Pricing Constraints making Health Care unaffordable until We effect that Standardization. lgl

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