Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where are We Going with This?

I received this article by way of Aeon McNulty. The context We have here is the cheaper grade of Plant material which can be utilized to produce a biofuel. I have previously posted on the unviable nature of diverting Food crops to fuel production, which curtails Food stocks for domestic herds, thereby raising the Food Costs of Consumers; combined with the high Fertilizer Costs of maintaining the needed level of Food crop production. The real Need is for a transfer to a Nitrogen-fixating plant as Feedstock for the biofuels. This is the Problem which must be understood by Farmers, the Managers of biofuel plants, and Political administrations.

The long-range goal for a biofuel Feedstock should be a perennial plant which is self-fertilizing, at least over the Short-run (only Periodic years of fertilizer application), of limited cultivation and harvesting Cost, with multiple yearly harvesting (biomass developed 3-5 times per year); all within the context of high glucose yield, with easy Conversion of the biomass into biofuel. Here is the exact Statement of the Problem. Current Agricultural and Business reaction to biofuel technology is the most rapid development of Profits-rendering practice, without much consideration of maximization of Energy production at least Cost on a sustainable long-term basis. The present atmosphere of biofuel efforts lay focused on a self-destructive industry of short duration, as biomass Feedstock wear out the tillable land. lgl

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