Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Statism and the Environment

This Post from Dr. Butler sent me off on a flight of fancy this morning. I would first say that I totally agree with the tone of the Post, especially about the ineffectiveness of national leadership to deal with environmental issues. Governmental regulation will promote ecological benefits only if it is simple and straightforward, without interpretative policy organization allowing both Regulatory agency and Governed to claim fulfillment without atonement. This above Process simply raises Operating Costs plus actual environmental damage. There has to be a more effective method!.

What caught my Eye about here was the very real fact that half the ‘Food Miles’ can be attributed to bringing groceries home from the Supermarkets. Lights starting going off in my head! Here is where to change the ‘Food Miles’ continuum for greater uniformity, and with great simplicity of regulatory power. A major descent into Statist police power will be necessary, but it is all for the good Cause of going Green.

The first Step is a simple law, based similarly on the ‘Open Bottle’ law against liquor found in many States, and simply ban Groceries being carried in Passenger vehicles. The next Step is simple prohibition of Food Markets from provision of Parking facilities for Customers. The following Step would be a law preventing Delivery charges greater than 3% for delivering Groceries to the home; Many would consider this an anti-monopolistic measure which it is not, simply a element designed to create the proper Delivery vehicles. We suddenly have Mass Transit delivering Consumers to Food shelves, and even the development of Outdoor, lockable, Refrigerator units (greater viability in Heat control). Gad, I should have grown up in the Soviet Union, I am so good! lgl

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