Friday, June 08, 2007

The new Political Reality

I read this article from Daniel Gross in Slate, and decided that I didn’t really want to blog this morning. Still, I felt the guilt feeling that I am failing my Readers with this protracted poor attitude. But then I decided I could get Daniel’s goat by mentioning that he failed to enunciate the real reason for the block of the merger of Whole Foods and Wild Oats: the real fear of the Food chains of a viable Corporate organic foods competitor. The merger would have left Whole Foods with 305 Stores, allowing for a full concentrated Distribution network, and ability to supply fresh Produce in wide competition with the traditional Food chains. Here was the real deadly intent behind the Merger, and the real desire to kill the Combination.

This idea fought hard to awaken other Thoughts in my tired brain, and I came up with a Question: The Bush administration is now a Lame-Duck entity, and it follows that they may well be experiencing a drop in revenue contributions from Lobbying interests, and finding it hard to make Ends meet in the political world, so that every venue of resource aggregation is pursued. This is more than a flight of fancy, as there may already be Signs that the Bush political machine is faltering. Could it be that Bush is trying to reconstruct a viable political machine in an Earthquake?

The universal indication of Failure in political machines remains the bailout of elemental members of the political machine, with major players adopting alternate employment elsewhere. The Bush machine has yet to witness great defections from their own Ranks, but Scooter Libby destined for prison without major discussion of Presidential Pardon must leave the Ranks shaken. This following Year may find the Bush administration facing a massive Desertion rate, especially as many Participants desire the famous ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ evasion defense from facing a high degree of charges of felonious misconduct from a successive administration. A Changeover, most noted if it is also a change of political party, will undoubtedly bring great acrimony concerning a long history of deviant behavior by the current administration. It may be worsened as Bush loses the Support base of Bushites who no longer receive patronage. lgl

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