Saturday, June 09, 2007

Power Systems

Marin Soljacic has taken the first Step in what may eventually be the Salvation to the Problem of human energy needs. Every physicist and economist understands well the Constraint placed upon the Economy from the use of depletable resources for Energy generation. No matter what Power system is examined for long-range function, We will face shortages of Power if the system is dependent on depletable fuel product. The Operative term must be ‘Renewable’, and these Power systems must be up and running within a Century.

Two of the most viable Options for Power Generation remain the Electrical Magnetic Field surrounding the Earth, and placing a Power Generation plant much closer to the Sun, like on Venus. Both Cases, though, seem dependent upon development of a technology of Power transmission which Professor Saljacic brings to the table; which is harmonious frequency fields; Power lines will not do the Trick. Does this sound futuristic to some Readers? It had better not! The human race may not have a future without this technology. lgl

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