Monday, October 19, 2009

The correctness of being Wrong!

What is wrong with this Sounds-good article? The first insinuation in the article suggests that firms are forced to cut back on their labor elements—Wrong! Popular persuasion has always implied that the firms are under pressure of outrageous Costs and no Sales, and that they are forced to let go their labor. The remedy under these conditions lays in granting these firms more Tax concessions, whereas they will rehire their labor. Wrong! Firms are conditioned to scrape labor from any endeavor they can to maximize Profits. They will follow this dictum under any and all circumstances, and have a horrible tendency to reduce their labor cadre while lapping up all new Tax concessions. Do not expect any great Movement from the Business world rehiring the poor Workers, simply because We allow them to deduct much more. Hint: They will never hire people to stand around, and when there are no Sales; they find much cheaper lawn ornaments.

I throw this Post from Paul Krugman out there, though I am some mystified by the exact point he is making; basically that Conservatives are far too sensitive and react badly. Stephen Colbert would explain that Conservatives know How to take a Joke, if only the Government would correctly inform what the humor was in the Joke. I have myself come to the understanding that Conservatives need some form of propaganda, simply to provide a lead Steer for their herd movement. Still, it might be more laudable than the shaman dreams of the liberals, especially those dreams aided with the usage of peyote. I cannot comment on Dubner and Levitt, as I have not read them, perhaps the best form of criticism; one cannot be chastened for not having read so much in the world of literature, if you avoid the literary circuit.

Here is Dubner on Dubner; he doesn’t sound like that difficult of a Demon. I feel like the Fox channel, trying to smear some dude I have heard of (actually have) about something I know nothing about, because some people might champion Opinions different from our own stated desires. I wonder what happened in American society, which demands that your own surgical operations must become News, where the Government can be ignored immediately because Government publications could find just about any data, and Journalism creates its own Rabble to rouse. I remember when there was an element of honesty to American society, one in which you could find admissions of personal Self-Interest. I know that I am a flyweight blight upon the spirit of America and its intellectualism, yet I yearn for those mystical days of yore, where you could honestly tell a blowhard that he was full of Shit. lgl

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