Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Old Enemy--Government

Ezra Klein discusses the issue which Employees must understand, but so Few do. Business management is not known for altruism, and any form of benefit is a form of Compensation to these sharks of the bottom line. One should take the other end of the Argument as well though, and understand that they believe that dividends to Stockholders are necessary Compensation which is financed from their own Gain or Compensation. The idea that health care savings should translate to Dividend gain is anathema to your average Business manager, who believes the demands of Stockholders already are too destructive. Readers must understand that the mind-set of Business managers deem such a switch as an unacceptable Cost. They also conceive of a combination of Wage increase and health care compensation increase as a double Wage increase, and totally unacceptable. This style of business management believes that both Employees and Stockholders rob them of the benefits of their enterprise, but that there is no way to reduce this unfair discrimination. Here is the real difficulty in gaining Business management acceptance of uniform health care coverage.

I empathize with this author, as I have always felt the same way. There is always the better Post out there, the one which better explains the current idea which you are trying to inform upon. It has simply not yet been found by yourself at the time of the current Writing. You can go through the hard and difficult process of adding addendums to your Posts, or simply ignore the additional value-added by others; my natural method of Choice. This course produces a distrust among your readership in the long-run, though this is somewhat cancelled by the fact that there is rarely long-term readership in blogging. I do have a relatively open Comments section, though it rarely has traffic; maybe the Readers realize I ignore such commentary to greatest degree. I must get back to the context of this paragraph, though, and finish by saying that there is no final Word in the world of blogging, and that the Reader must stay as current as the authors.

This rather tepid interview reflects the great difficulty of Government intervention in the economy. This consists of the elimination of Government intervention from the economy. No one has really ever done it; the Government comes in, and then never leaves. The bureaucratic nature of Government always insists on finding alternate justification for their maintenance of a presence in Space where they have invaded. Government presence will always become oppressive; I remember the story of a friend, who built a fence around his house before his place was even incorporated into the City. The Fence was becoming Aged, and he thought he would replace it. He found that he had to have a Permit, not only to build a new Fence, but to take out the old fencing; all on registered Property affixed before incorporation into the City. By the way, the Permits carry a Price-tag to pay for the bureaucracy, and the old and new Fencing carries a taxation. My friend did not mention that he had to pay a Tax to dispose of the old materials, though he did mention the new City sales tax on materials for the Fence. Government operates in such manner, whether at High or Low ends of the scale. We will soon get a Bank taxation on our dealings, much like We pay the Government to use our phones; simply to pay for the bureaucracy! lgl

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