Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why do We fail?

What is the standard utilized for protection of the Innocent and Guilty in the entire process of Libel and Slander. I observed this element of American law, and still cannot tell you after decades of watching Case after Case. The Chamber of Commerce is one stuffy organization, long noted for sharp reaction to criticism; sort of like the American Red Cross and their sincerely overpaid leadership. The Yes Men, on the other hand, have been well known for pursuit of the American dollar. One has to ask if the presence of Greed applies any restrictions on Free Speech, or leaves one open to liability. It is clear that the truth behind all accusations is accepted, and that both organizations are working on the Edge. I also wonder that the Courts accept Cases which are nothing more than ruffled feathers in an atmosphere most noted for such. I would throw out the Case for lack of Content if I were presiding Judge, but maybe the Court wants to establish a point of order guiding Conduct.

I watched the PBS history of Herbert Hoover last night, and decided that George W. Bush will gain far more advantage in terms of post-office Respect. Barrack Obama occupies the Office today, and We are at a position where ‘More is not Better’. Business screams for more liquidity, but Everyone knows that Growth is stymied by lack of Demand; liquidity cannot affect Demand without willingness to increase Worker compensation, no one hears great Calls for that except out of Organized Labor. George W. Bush should already be muttering like previous Executives of Texaco about his replacement, when he should feel grateful. My fear is that Obama will not learn his Job in sufficient time to stop Inflation, and curb Business excesses; it is the Corporate push to regain the Profits of the last Boom which is the greatest current threat to the American economy.

One can ask how the two previous paragraphs relate to one another. Well, it shows the same attitude of pushing present practice into disaster. The Investment banks knew they were going down, long before the Downturn; yet, they continued their destructive practices, without any attempt at more adaptive change. The Auto executives knew that their Consumer base was shifting out of their control, but insisted on continuance of their basic Corporate policies. The Chamber of Commerce suit is simply continuation of polices based upon bureaucracy which has led to previous contempt for the Organization; a Public Relations organization need be able to debate with conflicting interests without getting mad, or changing the playground rules. I worry deeply when Corporations adopt the general guidelines of a Civil Service bureaucracy. I would like to introduce the Concept of ‘Being too Big to Succeed’. lgl

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