Friday, October 09, 2009

I have no real bias against Barack Obama, but I almost feel insulted by this award. I know that the Nobel Commission felt that they had to award Obama as the first black American President as a sort of fashion statement. I know that they must have felt that they needed to get the Award in his hands, before Obama himself blew it, and became another antisocial character on the World stage. This, though, was too fast and too early, and cheapens the entire process. I know of no better way to nominate or award Candidates, but it is like the old song, "You may be here to Sing and Play, But you ain’t doing it thataway!"

Otherwise, I have found my link to my favorite source of material broken this morning. I will have to reestablish a viable context, but will wait until tomorrow, as today is my birthday; and I do not wish the level of frustration. I cannot even get a sensible Google formation to that which I desire, so I may upgrading soon; except I have done so already recently, which may in itself be the reason I have lost some of my sources. All I know is that it is too much for me today, especially on top of Obama’s Nobel prize. I applaud All who believe that I am simply getting too old for all This; maybe they make the most Sense. lgl

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