Monday, October 05, 2009

Truth in Borrowing as well as Lending

I found this Post by way of Jeff Cornwall, both should be read carefully as they state fundamental business belief in the country today; I particularly like the commentary in the first Post. My trouble lies in my disbelief in the assessments reached. I have rarely found Producer types impeded by any level of business or tax bias. The fact of the matter that these types organize simply to make their own pile, and little can be done to stop their operation. Government policy mostly has nothing to do with their success or failure, they far more dependent on provision of desired service or product to the Consumers at an effective Price. I will join the Producer types in complaints about regulation levels, but would condemn them to live a couple years in the 1940s or 1950s when they complain about taxation; those proved to be very productive decades. I also find it hard to listen to Producer complaints about health care Cost, when they have major elements in their personal Portfolios invested in the health care industry, all because of the high Profits in the area.

The first blog criticizes the American tax system on business, which may appear ludicrous if examined carefully. The American Corporate tax system is so full of holes that real taxation practically disappears, and there has been previous Stimulus awards which have turned that taxation into a reverse Income tax system for businessmen; a factor no economist has ever shed Light upon. The real tax impact on business and Corporation may be among the lowest in the World, especially as Property taxes from State and Community has been shifted greatly to the Homeowner through efforts to promote business in the Community. It is genteel to define normal taxation as prosecution of industry, though you can even convince people that Day is equal to Night if you have enough shine; ask any Eskimo about that.

We need a real increase in the real Tax impact upon Business, which will not materially affect the Business desires, or the resultant Job Hiring practices of those desires. They want their own business, and they need the labor to achieve that business. Their being taxed is not the Problem, as We live in one of the most business-friendly countries in the World. What We need is funded Consumer Demand, which no one is proposing to create. Here is where the Problem resides, and none except myself accepts the notion that this Demand must also be fueled occasionally. It is the Consumer who needs a Tax break, not some mythical business which will not occur until it has an operating list of Consumers. lgl

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