Sunday, October 25, 2009

Of Mice and Men, and other Stupid Things

I have always had a bias against keeping any living animal except for something I could eat under necessity. People can understand Why I have neither Wife or Children. This short article explains Why Pets should not be kept, at least rationed. It is not that I dislike the family Mutt; it only consisting of a Statement that it costs too much to keep one without an economic purpose. The key element is not the food production for the animals, but the wastage of all economic resources involved. Veterinarians waste more energy and labor on Pets than on productive farm animals. Pets Costs often exceed the Drug and Maintenance Costs of a human health patients. There are Pet cemeteries which charge huge Costs, and Pet coffins which exceed some human coffins in Cost. The element which truly amazes, though, comes from the fact that Those closest to the initial farm environment are more likely to have Pets, and spend the exorbitant Costs on the animals. Is this simply a rebellion against our Upbringing, or are We simply entering into a hidden senility?

Here are the Agreements which make it possible to charge Taxpayers a penalty no matter what; irrespective of Interest rates raising or lowering. One wonders as to the true nature of the Credit freeze, considering the nature of these agreements. It is really revealing that Goldman Sachs were behind this type of Agreement once again. No wonder Goldman always has the potential and resources to come out ahead. I think the Goldman executives ought to get their bonuses, as they are much more efficient than the old-style Mafiosas.

What can one say about Dean Baker. He is often too strident, and makes observations which sometimes stretch the imagination. Yet it is a fact that he reports on the stupidities which are often much worse. Here again he shows the stupidity of Others. Real Estate Buyers lack the capitalization to purchase the high Cost of Housing under the current recessionary conditions, and here the Realtors suggest a further Price Support for unsold Housing. What Market can possibly clear, if the Government is the Price Support of last resort? We find this in Housing, but also in the Auto sector, the financial sector, and in some basic areas of Retail–notably Food. I will put the current debacle in a form which will be hotly condemned: the Recession came because too many people had too much reward from the previous Boom, and the economy could not award Interest on the funds without increase in Sales; something which could not be sustained due to Price increases. Investors had to lose a major chunk of previous Income, and refusal to allow this loss will cripple Us in the end. lgl

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