Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tough Love--possiblty unrequited!

My mind has a tendency to wander, as Some may have noticed, which it did upon reading this Post by Bryan Caplan. Now it is a very good argument, and he relatively has proven his point, though I find little relevance to the assessment. Still, I will score him as correct. My mind turned to the proper level of Public Spending which would provide the proper Military deterrence; a concept which I believe evaporates under the ranting of Politicians in most inopportune moments. I decided that traditional methods were wrong, simply because they did not deter.

Traditional warfare seems destined to be defeated by Small Arms, carried by irregulars who cannot be identified in the light of Day. This can be easily ascertained every time that a million-dollar weapons system is decommissioned by a $200 IUD placed by someone who does not possess even a High School education. It is a Fool’s Errand to think there can be adequate defense through the creation of highly advanced weapons systems of huge Cost. I once posed a Question left unanswered by the last Round of debate over the building of the new Fighters and Bombers for the American fleet. The Question was simple: What happens after We face an equally-equipped Enemy force, where each Side has already lost 1000 planes? I extended my Social gaffe by asking for the length of Time necessary to produce the new style Fighter under discussion. One can be truly surprised by how cold an atmosphere can become, after asking such Questions. I did establish that there is a need for mass formations in Defense formations; Knights of the Sky do not work well.

We shall return to the topic at hand. One: you want everyone possible to be armed. Two: you want these people to have as much Training as they can possibly integrate within their own environment. Three: you want a reward system for success in the chosen system of defense, and serious punishment for violation of those defensive rules. I thereby come up with this defense strategy: Every Junior High and High School student should be given appropriate military training, taught to work as a unit under the principles of Small Unit tactics. This Training should replace physical education with equal devotion of time. Every individual should be given a Small Arms weapon upon their Eighteenth Birthday, along with 300 Rounds of ammunition for rifles. Any usage of such weaponry in any capacity other than military defense or Target practice to achieve qualification status will lead to a 6-year Draft into the Armed Forces for the Offender. Every individual who can prove Proficiency on the Weapons range each year, will be given a $1000 Tax Rebate, and another 100 Rounds of ammunition. All forms of criminal behavior, with misuse of the issued Arms or otherwise, will be considered a 6-year Enlistment in the Armed Services; the later to establish Penal battalions utilized for heavy construction labor on Public and Military projects. Scare You? You must have a criminal bent! lgl

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