Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Beef, Drugs, and Oil

American beef is scheduled to return to Japanese Retail markets, and Mike Johann's claims Japan will not reinstate any Country-wide ban again; will retain only the power to reject individual shipments of beef. This concession comes only after the fear of American retaliation against Japanese Products became real. The real weight of American Trade is what brought the concession, and Americans need to learn to use Our trade weight.

The AARP, backed by several other non-industry sources, announce a great Surprise: The Drug industry has boosted Drug prices some 3.9% in the First Quarter, the BLS reports of less than 2% mixing Brand-name and generics together to achieve the less inflationary numbers. The Drug industry feels armored, possessing the Proscription D provision that Medicare cannot negotiate volume-purchase agreements at better wholesale prices. This is Congressional prohibition of the use of trade weight. It only adds to the problems of Social Security funding, and does not help the Drug industry in the long-run.

The Saudi minister statement that the price of Oil could triple if the issue between the United States and Iran is not resolved peacefully is again a use of trade weight; it only complicates and solidifies the rogue Iranian position, and the Minister is not America's friend. The United States can live, and even produce, utilizing only 60% of the Oil We now consume; though We would not be friendly with Anyone in the World. This Author is tired of implied Threats being made against the United States.

A more intelligent Administration could work through quiet diplomatic efforts to resolve American trade issues with Our Trading partners. I find myself needful of again eroding Iranian desire to oppose the United States with repellent tirades. North Korea should also take heed. The effective Counter to the Saudi Statement: A 10-Day American Bombing pattern off U.S. Carriers would destroy the Iranian Export balance for 8-12 years. lgl

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