Saturday, June 10, 2006

The G8 Meeting

The G8 continues in the tradition it has always held, much like the WTO: actually maintaining a Protectionist stance to protect their current advantages held. They are being critical of Russia's insistence on retaining the monopoly of Gazprom in the export of Energy resources from Russia. It is highly advantageous to continue this monopoly for Russia, but a deep disadvantage to the other nations. The Energy Interests still wish to invade Russia, to obtain Monopoly control of World Energy Prices. Hint: American and World Consumers should back this Russian effort.

Germany is reluctant to let Russia repay all of it's debt, because of the loss of future Interest payments. Translated: They insist on a higher share of Russian Oil profits. The Russian Government needs simply to pay off the Debt, then ask Germany if it wants to go to War, economic or militarily, over return of initial Funds.

All of G8 remain critical of China for a most definite reason: Chinese continuation of underbidding G8 nations on foreign Contracts within the Third World. So much for the advantages of Free Trade. There is most definitely no discussion of Chinese Labor violations at the G8 meeting in St. Peterberg, a known betrayal of every Labor Standards Agreement ever signed; real discussion of the Labor Violations could potentially make Chinese Imports more expensive. Did Anyone notice how Protectionist Free Traders can become in the face of potential injury to their own Interests? lgl

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