Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Communications

This Author was feeling excessively happy this Day, before he found more Defibulator/Pacemakers were to be recalled; he having been the recipient of one state of the art contraption in January. I decided it would take a pleasant thought pattern, to readjust the karma. It was found in an article in the NYTimes about municipal network servicing.

We remain addicted to the Cash-Cow mentality associated with modern Communications. Huge Fortunes have accurred from the Tech industry, and an entire new industry has functionally sprung into existence over the last quarter Century. Investors has shivers close to orgaism at hearing of a new piece of Hardware or Software. Even staid Bankers plunge billions of Dollars into projects which could match Windows, Coral, or Adobe. Investment Groups still prefer dealing in Tech Stocks more than Oil, this due to the potential higher longterm Profits. Anyone up for some Time/Warner stock?

But what if Communications were free?

Municipal Services provide Water, Sewer, Garbage Disposal, as well as law enforcement, Landscaping and Maintenance, Community Health Care, etc. There is an Opprotunity Cost here! Soon there will be an almost total switch to Wireless Communications. The Cost of providing Wireless services for Communications will be negliable in provision to other Services provided by Municipalities. Economists will tell People there exists specific economic models to determine whether Products and Services are better provided by the Public sector or the Private sector. Wireless Communications could be the venue for vast Opprotunity Savings.

Would it not be great to have Cable, Phone, and Internet Access paid by Property taxes? There would be a huge removal of Private Sector Profit-taking from successive steps in the Communications process. Municipalities could negotiate Group services at modified Wholesale rates. Cable Programing would have a Marketing constraint placed upon it, now seriously lacking. Phone Service Costs are currently much cheaper by Wireless than with landline, but Consumers pay much more; Wireless companies make their huge Profits from Sign-up Charges, imitating landline Hook-up Costs, where no real Hook-up Costs exist. Going Wireless and Municipal may be the way to go. lgl

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