Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Real Energy Initiatives

This Author read an article today which stated Technology Twicks would allow the internal combustion engine to maintain its supremacy for decades. This may not be a viable Option, if the entire World seeks to adopt the American mode of economic performance. Other Alternative Energy Options would fractionalize Energy production, permenantly insuring no Savings-of-Scale in energy production. An Outline of necessities need be formulated.

Standardized Systems of Energy production remain the only viable replacement of the current systems in usage. What do We need?

1) A viable motor to replace the Semi-tractor diesel engine. This could envision a miniature version of the Train electric locomotive. Another option is to retain the standard diesel engine, but instead of a radiator, use the Steam generated to also propel the Drive train--perhaps replacing all fuel at Stoplight idle. Passenger cars could also use the later technology, if an efficient motor can be devised.
2) Electric Wind Generators will only be economic profitable, if they are small in size and cheaply produced, dependent upon multiple-source generation; large Wind Generators will never produce the volume of generation necessary to substitute for Natural Gas, Coal, or Nuclear power. Multiple units will never function adequately unless Electric companies are legally mandated to provide Maintenance personnel.
3) Fuel Savings will never be gained with traditional vehicles unless Transport and Passenger vehicles are separated. This would demand an interior lane on all Interstates limited to solely Truck Transport, and where the Speed Limit must be maintained. A Law should also provision that Truckers can be ticketed for using other than Interstate travel, when it is available. This would mean Local license, or proven lack of Interstate through Transport load. The Fines must be high to insure compliance.
4) Energy companies producing Nuclear power must pay an amount equal to the Fuel Cost used to the Dept. of Energy, which will be used solely to pay for the Costs of Nuclear Waste disposal.
5) A Profits Law should be enacted to set the amount of Profits to be made from Energy production, based as a percentage of total Capital Costs. Losses must be endured by the Companies themselves, any Profits over 10% of total Capital Costs per year, or 20% of gross Volume Prices sold will be taxed at 100%.

Rationalization can be brought to the Energy industry, if Lobbyist activities can be overborne. Such engines as described need only be engineered from a knowledge base already existent. Provision of Truck route bouys up the Construction industry and employment. Safety is promoted in the separation of traffic. It is time to make real Changes. lgl

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