Saturday, June 17, 2006

Unions, Buyouts, and Pay Packages

What a way to start a Saturday!

'Video killed the Radio Starts' and Buyouts and Pay Packages killed the Unions. Neither Statement is true, but both hold some element of Reality. Stars had to acquire a visual presence, and Managers had to learn the elements of a Labor Market. No Demise had yet occured, at least, no funeral services have been held. Delta, though, may be attempting an adrenlin rush for the Pilot unions with its cancellation of Pension plans for Pilots--both active and retired. GM and Delphi may also be helping the crippled UAW with their Chip Shots to sidetrack gurranteed benefits. Union leadership, if not Union membership, should be grateful for the backhanded survival lines thrown by Corporate leadership.

Unions will again gain Power, as Corporate leadership destroys the Good Will of their own Employees. Buyouts started out being a good deal, but increasingly become parsimoneous with hidden addendums activating once the Labor rolls are split and disbursed. Unions should fill the void, by setting minimum standards for Buyouts and Pension alterations across the entire Economy--Workers still need an Advocate! lgl

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