Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Republicans in Trouble

Republicans in the Senate turned back a Democrat attempt to establish a Committee to review military spending fraud (a like Committee brought Truman to prominance in the 1940s). The Republicans adopted the wrong option, one which will bit them in the rear. Misappropriation of Funds is going to kill the Republicans in the next Presidential election. Misuse of Katrina aid, military mishandling of Contract negotiation and management, Corporate malfesiance in Tax Return declarations, along with Republican ties to the Corporate structure, will wreak havoc come Election time. It will even be embellished that Bush had to cut the Corporate Tax rates simply to get Corporations to bring their Taxable Income home.

Historical study could assist Republicans in understanding exactly where the Threat exists. What Study? The Federalist Party disintegrated basically through their unethical support of Commercial and Business interests to the point that they were perceived as unpatriotic. People might suppose that the Republican Party has a much firmer position than the Federalist Party of bygone Age, but the Federalist Party was the victor of the Revolutionary War, held the Majority in Congress about as long as Republicans have, and actually presented a more sensible program of development than Republicans for American growth. Republicans cannot be seen as hiding Corruption in their own Ranks.

The next Presidential Election will be a crucible likely to destroy aged Parties. Bush will not get Us out of Iraq, having staked his political heritage upon a favorable Outcome there; an Ending seeming increasingly distant, especially if the level of violence does not decrease there. The exciting new Iraqi Government will not be as exciting in a year, without a reduction of the destruction. The Republican Tax initiatives will seem tarnished if Deficits rise, Import Prices increase, there is a disturbance in the International funding of the created Debt, or there is an increase in the rate of Inflation. Russian Steel and Latin American Energy is currently being brought by previous Purchasers of American Treasuries. All of the Above holds real impact for the American lifestyle, the Number One ingredient for the destruction of political Parties. lgl

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