Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Hypobole

Some articles today highlighted George W. Bush's anger at Newspaper revelation of Federal pursual of financial records of Americans in the War on Terror. This Author will go on Record here, and claim it is all demogogue hyperbole. The Federal Government never hid its desire to track the Money behind al Queda. Second, al Queda itself must be an Intelligence network, as it is engaged in subversion. They keep track of Money flows themselves, and trinanglate the pattern of arrests. They recognize when Money is being tracked, as they are searching for it, faster than Anyone except the American Tracking agents. al Queda will also move its real funds through sympathic financial institutions which will not accept American subpena power. Bush was only angry because the American Public was informed.

The American Public is getting tired of the hyperbole, especially the idiocy which is keeping Oil Prices high. Oil Spot Markets make up very little in total volume of Oil transferred, yet Oil Producers use this hyperbole to demand higher-priced Longterm Contracts for Oil Supply. The functional limit states probably less than $100 million per Trading Day is needed to corner the Spot Markets Worldwide, and most or all funds used can be recouped by Oil sales to Speculators. It is how Oil Producers extort another $20/barrel from American Consumers in the supply of Oil.

American Oil companies should be forewarned of the American reaction, when the Public realizes they are being had. Oil Producers reside elsewhere, but American Oil companies must do business here. Americans react very negatively to fraud and extortion. It is a pity that We currently have a Political and Corporate leadership who are stupid enough not to fear American anger. lgl

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