Monday, June 05, 2006

Serious and Frivalous

Militias of the Islamic Courts in Somalia finally broke the power of the Warlords, what with the capture of Mogedishu (from the initial reports). This could be more of a problem for the U.S. than was the previous anarchy which existed in the land. Why? The Islamic Court militias were obviously funded from outside sources, and the Warlords ran out of funds with the cessation of American payoffs to the Warlords. The Islamic faction in Chad has also been getting Arms and equipment from outside sources, and have expanded their dominian by the slaughter of Christian villages. Still, why is this a problem for the United States?

The Islamic factions are winning in both Countries, and each will have extreme numbers of unemployed fanatic Veterens, along with great numbers of Mercenaries from the Warlord camps currently or shortly to be unemployed. All of the Above are long-accustomed to the slaughter of Innocents, and at least 25% speak English as well as the average Islamic American. Homeland Security may wish soon that They had the capacity to steal Computer files as skillfully as Those who raided the Veterens Affairs Administration.

Now to the Frivalous:

This Author conceived of a beautiful brainchild today, one bound to anger the Medical profession. All Americans undergo the absolute boredom of waiting in reception areas, and endured the terrible carnage done to personal schedules. I believe Congress should pass into law demand that Medical facilities provide both Computers and Internet Access in all Waiting rooms. I imagine Some believe I am attempting the betterment of life for Americans; but no, I only intend to get the Medical profession as outraged at the Charges for Internet Access as is endured by other Americans. Medical Practicianers remain the worst Scalpers in the Country, they should know how to stop the Price-Gouging of Others. lgl

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