Sunday, June 18, 2006

Radical Solutions

This Author has been skipping through the Econroundtable tonight, studying the commentary of fellow bloggers. My mind slipped a gear again, and I decided to propound some psuedo-Communist, or maybe just pure anarchistic, ideas for betterment of life. I might have been inspired by the Becker interview to be controversial.

Radical Thoughts:
1) It does not matter whether Private Companies are underpaying for monopoly privileges for Toll roads in Indiana or anywhere else. The core of the matter is the loss of MPG in slowing all vehicles for payment of Tolls. Toll Roads are not Energy-Conservative.
2) PAYGO LAWS are always too technical to accomplish anything; simply inform all legislators by Constitutional amendment that their Salaries will be reduced by the same Percentage that the passed Budgets exceed Tax revenues.
3) LOBBYING power can be reduced by simple method: Set a limit which Campaigns can spend for each Contested Election. Voters would pray for a Campaign Budget allowance only granting Two TV political ads per Candidate per Week for only the Two weeks prior to the Election. The political Parties and PACs must also be controled, so every Ad must be attributed and paid by some Candidate's Campaign Budget under the Above restrictions. Who knows, Candidates might go back to listening to Voters!
4) Passage of a Law stating political campaign Contributions will be double-taxed, instead of exempted, could aid in passage of the Above restriction of Campaign Budget size.
5) A final Constitutional Amendment would state that all Tax exemptions, Deductions, Tax Credits, and Percentage rate of Tax must be repassed every Budget to retain validity.

This Author is feeling a trifle paranoid tonight, leading him to wonder if the assigned Assassination teams will have affiliation with Homeland Security, Defense, or only with Corporate Structure. It could be even more drastic, and no one will pay attention to this Post. lgl

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