Friday, June 23, 2006

The Heat

We received another dose of World warming from the Scientists this Week, but while attaining Air play, it was provided with little reaction. Why? The real determinant comes in the lack of direct link between Greenhouse Gases and the Warming. This Author has probably generated an immediate ire in his Readership. Still, some facts should be recorded.

1) The Earth has been this warm before, and Scientists can still debate whether it has ever been near the Heat projected for the next Century. One notes a paucity in descriptive material as to the Weather effects of previous Heat Periods.
2) No One has given an effective Proof that the current Heat Period is Man-caused, or more than a normal Earth cycle.

Many Readers may think I am particularly dense in nonacceptance of Scientific data, but in actuality, the data coming through seems more propaganda than information. The data compilation on Heat Centers seems a better criterea field, than Ice cores drilled in the Antartic. The Heat Centers (human density centers) feels like a more contributive factor than does overall Heat. These are affecting Wind patterns along with High and Low Pressure systems. I believe that these Heat Centers, not warmer North Pacific waters, holds the key to Drought conditions in the Southwest. Continuous human density along Our Coastlines may interrupt normal Moisture flows into the hinterland.

This Author has written previously on Fresh Water depletion, and believes Moisture ingress patterns should take highest priority, over Ice core studies and mid-Ocean temperature sampling. We do not need to know today what Weather will be like in a Century, but finding a methodology to get Water to Cattle now appears important. lgl

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