Friday, June 16, 2006

Winter Canola and Frozen Lobster

The Associated Press had two articles today of much interest to an old Farm kid like me. The Whole Foods chain has stopped selling live Lobster and Crab, opting out for fresh kill or frozen crustesceans. The rationale: dropping the poor things in boiling water alive is cruel and inhumane. This may be a laudable sentiment, but mayhaps, some examination of killing methods may be in order. Submersion in boiling water (sudden thermal transference) by this Author's estimate, probably kills in less than 3 seconds with uniform invasion of heat. Decapitation is unworkable with the exoskeleton. Penetration by a pointed Object provides injury only to a specific locale, with a probable 2-minute interval before final nural cessation of impulse. Death by Freezing is a duration process requiring the slow drain of interior body heat, probably not less than 4 minutes in length. Whole Foods could well be condemning the poor creatures to an even more horrid and painful death. Comment should also be made on Corporate enterprise attempting to alter the dietary desires of Customers without their consultation; there is an element of monopolistic control of markets. The Menu might call for Antitrust action, and pass the melted Butter.

The article on Winter Canola provides a more righteous note: Farmers in southern and western Kansas finally finding a second crop to alternate with Winter Wheat, said rotation actually benefiting both crops, and each with a high Market value. Canola seed can make a good feed for livestock, and the Canola seed oil has potential as Cooking Oil and biodiesel base. The interesting element here lies in its potential as a biodiesel base, because it could turn States further north into double-Crop States with benefit for all Crops. This volume of biodiesel base could allow the United States to imitiate Brazil to a far greater degree than currently possible. And here it all started with something called Rapeseed weed. lgl

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