Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A Concept which will have its Day, even though initial efforts seemed doomed to failure. Industry provides sufficient sulfide pungeate to the atmosphere to provide Sunlight reflection, if this avenue were capable of success. The idea of counteracting the effect of one Greenhouse Gas by artificial injections of another Greenhouse Gas is novel but impractical; it leading only to greater concentration of Greenhouse Gases as Smokestacks and Cars continue to operate. Geoengineering is only going to work based upon defined premises and resultant planning.

Where is the Problem?
The World Economy digs up Carbon deposits, and burns those deposits for Energy. The World needs an alternate Energy source. The buildup of Carbon on the surface of the Earth must be stopped, as oversupply of Carbon literally chokes all life in every form. The problem is not Global Warming per sec, but the buildup of Carbon; We need to stop the draft upon subsurface Carbon deposits.

Then, is Ethanol the Solution?
The Answer is Never. Complete conversion to ethanol fuels would literally eat up the World's Food Supply, by consuming the acreage planted for human food. It does provide Insight, though, leading People to understand Our energy resources must be produced by the Surface of the Earth. Heat, if not over-extreme, helps to generate greater Plant life; the basic Reoxigenator of the planet. Plant life is also the basic venue to return Carbon deposits to the Earth. Any new alternate Energy resource must rely on Plant product on the surface to fulfill all needs of geoengineering.

This Author has proposed the production of liquid Plastic explosive, designed to be less dangerous than Gasoline or Diesel fuels, but produced at equivalent Prices with much less necessary volume and much higher MPG. Earlier, I had proposed huge Algae tanks in oceans, contents to be used as base Product for the refining of fuel; utilizing added Sunlight absorption, while cooling the Oceans to bring less violent Weather patterns. These appear to this Author far more needful of Funding, than either spread of Greenhouse Gases, or burning Carbon emissions reduction. lgl

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