Monday, March 27, 2006


This Author Today received his first Overdraft notice since he was a kid. It would only be fitting, if he had indeed overdrafted his account; but he did not. He received a Check from one Bank, and delivered it to another Bank three blocks away, thinking to leave the money in his Checking account until he could deal with his hometown bankers--another part of the chain Bank where he had deposited the Check from the first Bank. There was no doubt that it was his money at the first Bank, the second Bank, or his hometown Bank.

A Bank Teller at the Bank where the deposit was made, with a graciousness of Soul, put a 9-Day hold on the funds deposited. This Author returned to his hometown Bank, distributed his funds into his Investment portfolio with hometown Bank's own financial paper; and receives an Overdraft notice in his mail. This Author is decidedly not happy with the transactions, and Everyone will know of this unhappiness if he receives any returned Checks. The Anger: Before Homeland Security, Holds on Funds lasted no longer than the approved cancellation of the Check by the issuing Bank. Where did the 9-Day hold come from?

Other aggravations come from a noted 15 Cent average increase in the price of Gas across the Country, and that the Fed is again going to raise the base Interest rate--quite contrary to common reason. It has not been a good Day. lgl

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