Saturday, March 18, 2006

Human Trafficking

The Bush administration claims a campaign against Human Trafficking, see:

The United States Government estimates that as many as 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders annually, with up to 17,500 victims trafficked into our country each year.

From fiscal year 2001 through fiscal year 2005, the Civil Rights Division and United States Attorneys’ Offices filed 91 trafficking cases, a 405% increase over the number of trafficking cases filed from fiscal years 1996 through 2000. In these cases, Department attorneys charged 248 trafficking defendants, a 210% increase over the previous five fiscal years. In addition, prosecutors with the Civil Rights Division and United States Attorneys’ Offices convicted 140 defendants of trafficking-related crimes, a 109% increase over the previous five years.

Several statements should be made about the Above Administration claims: Many of the Prosecutions were actually inherited by the Justice Dept. from the Clinton administration--Our Justice system works slow, most involve only foreign-born Racketeers, native-born Racketeers involved were generally non-White and working in prostitution or cottage industry sweat shops, human trafficking in Prostitution remains highly consistent over Time, and Corporate sponsorship of human trafficking has been functionally ignored by the Bush administration. These elements all slant the campaign which the President has claimed.

Investigations are not being repeated under the Bush administration, in the degree and rank they were initiated under the Clinton administration. The Bush administration loves low Wages, and does not consider Wages less than One-Quarter of Union Scale to be anything out of the ordinary. Investigations never rise in the Bush administration above the foot Soldiers (Slave drivers), the Organizers, if White, are never sought, or is the illegal financial gains ever regained. Employers of illegal emigrant labor are never fined or incarcerated, unless they are non-White or poor. Non-White Organizers of human trafficking rarely suffer as savagely from prosecution, if well-represented or if affiliated with politically-powerful mainstream business concerns.

Some Hollywood personalities have been connected with Sweat Shops in foreign Countries. Extremely rare is an linking made with Corporate use of Sweat Shops--whether in foreign nations, or existent in this Country. How much of the human trafficking in the United States can be attributed to be Business-generated? Over One-Half!

A new Law need be passed into Federal Law, declaring human trafficking to exist in fact wherever occupational pay is paid to Anyone less than 60% of the average Standard Rate for that Occupation in the Country. Prosecutions for human trafficking would be simplified, the Standard of Living for American Labor would rise, and Consumer Prices would not face much expanded Inflationary pressure as those Prices are based upon highest Labor rates paid; only Business Profits would suffer measurably, and in an instance where they should suffer. lgl

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