Friday, March 03, 2006

What If?

Several Trends surge in the American economy, and this Author begins to wonder if they will congell in a marked Downturn. The Inflation rate is up, and up badly, despite the protestations of both Government and Fed. The Price of Oil is above $64/barrel for Sweet Crude, and most of the World Oil Supply reserves consist of harder to refine Oil. Rumors coming from the National Weather Service indicate Hurricane season may be as bad as last year, another Katrina may be waiting in the wings; We don't need even an Andrew. The Raw Materials Market averaged more than a 30% rise over the last few years, and shows no indication of reduction. Labor and Consumer Incomes only wish for a Inflation-indexed rise of any kind. Our Trading partners are about to introduce trade sanctions against Us by Treaties, which We should not have signed in the first place. American Policy commitments have forced Us into Expenditures Overseas costing American Taxpayers more than many national budgets in the World. The American economy appears none too healthy at this time.

It becomes instantly obvious this Author is breaking the Economics Code, coming up with any Doomsday warnings. The fact remains many Problems will have to be resolved in the near future, if Americans are to maintain their standard of living; solutions coming from some source other than the Stallgate of D.C., the SUVgate of Detroit, or the StockOptionsgate of Wall Street. The Bush Administration has already proven that the days of Watergate have already returned, via Cellphones. It is a question of Leadership at many varied levels, and it is slow in coming; it might be dragging negotiations of Leadership Pay packages. lgl

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