Saturday, March 25, 2006

Carlos Slim was named by Forbes as the third-richest man in the World. Lopez Abrador is the favored Candidate to win the Mexican presidency. One of Lopez Abrador's pet big projects is a bullet train to the U.S. Border from Mexico City. A couple of Comments from this Author:

1) Any bullet train from Mexico City should have Terminal ends in L.A. and Houston.
2) A bullet train alone is insufficient; what is needed is a four-track rapid Freight system.

Quotes from the article:

Slim complained that U.S.-backed free market policies had failed to create strong economic growth in Latin America, although many countries have slain the dragon of high inflation that plagued the region for years.
"Stability is not enough. Opening up to trade is not enough. Privatization is not enough,'' he said, calling for a mix of private and public investment to kick start economies.

Readers of this Blog know that I do not favor extensive Trade, thinking it has become a waste of Fuel, Capital equipment, and human resources better spent elsewhere. It is still a fact that the United States should have better Relations with Our southern Neighbors. It is recognized that Venezula is difficult to deal with, but Brazil and Chile need be cultivated. We do not need to foster Trade, simply suppress unfair Trade practice. We should also help with the Capitalization of national projects, when they are also in American interest. lgl

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