Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Market Ripples

It is a strange Day, and the Author is acting even stranger. He has come close to being named as a Gay-Basher, but finds the American Family Association call for a boycott of Ford because of advertising in Gay publications to be anti-Competitive as well as anti-social. Business advertizes where there is Consumer Demand to be generated; it is Federal injunction time.

The price of Oil does not come close to reflecting economic conditions with only one applicable rationale, namely, that Speculators do not want a Oil Price reduction. There has already been about a $.20/barrel gain, when there should have been at least a $5/barrel reduction in Price, after the downsizing of Global Oil use estimates. The trouble being that the Oil Bubble has lasted too long, and too many Speculators are comfortable in acting within the Oil Market structure, and used to quick Price runups for fast Profits.

Europeans are beginning to show their true antagonisms, with forestalling measures to prevent inter-nation takeovers of native industries. The European Union works well, as long as their own domestic economies are protected. The United States should adopt some European traditions, before American Stickers must read: Made in America by Foreign Companies. lgl

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