Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I bet my Readers think I will comment on the NYTimes article about the lack of Royalties paid to the Composer, but I will skip it with the aside such always occurs without a Title search.

My real orientation is to say that Bernacke was all wet in suggesting a drop in the Dollar will not truely impact Americans and the American economy. We do not possess the inplace Production capacity in the Near term to replace foreign supply of Consumer Products--it will require a minimum of three years, and probably six years, to return to the domestic supply of the 1960s. A drop in the Dollar will present a heavy load upon Consumers. Transition Costs will suppress American Wages. American Exports will not increase significantly, due to inplace competition of foreign Production facilities. Measures need to be taken to support the Dollar, not let it slide to hell. It is interesting that there is no advocate for Consumers among Economists, because the Business advocacy is all wrong!

I will finish with the Sqwack Box Case. The Day Traders plus their Contacts in the major firms are only the tip of the iceberg. The Insider Trader regulations are becoming increasingly difficult to enforce, and never touch the major Violators. Everyone crows about Martha Stewart and ignores the salient point; she was only the sacrificial goat! One concentrates on the Celebrities and the Small Fry, and overlook the real fraud of the major Players. This Author has never been a Fan of Insider Trader laws. Stockholders are more wary without their existence, and prosecutions under the normal criminal laws concerning Fraud produce greater reach to the extreme Violators, heavier Punishment, and attention to the areas of greatest loss. lgl

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