Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Bush Effect

Kash has a good view of Our future fiscal psychosis. This stands as a part of the Bush Effect. The Government, led by George W. Bush and the current Congress, plans a program of escalating annual deficits. They not only plan on Spending big, but on taxing small. The Later can be explained in Tax planning devoted to taxing Consumption, and not Income. Why the love of taxing Consumption? All must pay for Consumption when any form of tax is imposed, to greater or lesser degree, and the lesser degree pays the largest volume of tax revenues. Higher Incomes will inevitably find a reduction in Tax, while the Poor will be required to pay their full measure. Bush denies the notion that the Wealthy should pay their full measure as well.

The American Ambassador to Iraq, at the probable instigation of Cheney, created the unpardonable gaff of internal manipulation of Iraqi politics. Democracy is sacrosant, if and only if the American President approves. George W. does not understand how beloved he is to the Iraqi people, al Satr will probably be the next Prime Minister in Iraq.

Putin says the U.S. Government is undercutting Russia's efforts to join the WTO, but will not stipulate what exactly is the stance of the U.S. Government. The Oval Office Oil Combine probably went back to insisting Russia not undercut current Oil pricing with extension of longterm low-cost Supply contracts to foreign Energy Consumers. This is a practice long used by Russia to gain Trade advantages, but the Oil Combine does not like the drop in Profits from the World Oil price reductions generated by these longterm Contracts. This Author has long perceived that the World Trade Organization might have to change its name to the WTSO--or World Trade Strangulation Organization.

The Bush effect has been noted by many Authors, whether talking about Tax Cuts in the face of rising fiscal instability, diplomatic efforts to please political supporters--remember Venezula, inciting to violence by making bellicose statements about foreign nations, or acting as a very partisan lobbyist for the Oil industry. We luckily have only some three years left of this insanity of the White House run by and for the Profit motive. lgl

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