Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Intrigue of India

Much Do About Nothing can best describe the Bush trip to India. Do We need the Indians as allies? Yes We do, in this time when Muslims listen to iminical mullayhs who would destroy any Unbeliever society. We need both India and Pakistan, but not just to capture ben Laden. The trouble comes from the fact neither are doing that what is really necessary for the West.

Many, if not the Majority, in India do not make more than a Dollar per Day, with Pakistan following with a Population not much better off; do not forget Banglodesh, which is worse off than both of the Others. These Populations will never be a market for American Goods--whether Capital or Consumer--with Income levels such as are now recorded. This make the entire subContinent nothing more than a Labor pool for Outsourcing.

American Investment in India now supposedly totals some $60 bn, the approximate par with last year's American investment in China for one year alone. They are about equal in Population, give or take some hundred millions, and China has significant additional Material Resources; but nothing really exceptionally superior. Why are the Investment levels so diverged?

The answer is simple: Universal Education. American Investment can find Labor existent in China with the basic skills necessary for laboring in the modern Labor force. The Indian subContinent lacks Universal Education, and most of the Population cannot function in the modern Labor economy. These Citizens will never be Consumers of American Products until they can be laborers in modern economic enterprise.

Does Bush go to the Indian subContinent to discuss native Government transference to a policy of Universal Education of interest to Everyone? No he does not, and would not even consider doing so if asked; he being of the Corporate structure, and recognizing the limitations of their Production levels, would not foster Native, foreign Competition for Resources in this section of the World. This conforms to modern Corporate policy, but this policy suffers from several issues: a signifcant segment of World society must suffer a substandard of living, modern Labor suffers from lack of Labor opprotunity as so much of the human race cannot afford their Products, while modern and obsolete Labor elements must both suffer from an overpriced Product supply. Don't you just love the comment: American Business is Business? lgl

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neelakant said...

This is a clear case of 'Arm chair Journalism'.

I don't think the situation in India is that depressing. India has a decent capacity to cosume and absorb funds. General population is better educated in ways of life and are very enterprising. India has many achivements to it's credit which were often funded on a shoe string budget. I bet Indian managers are about as good or better than the ones you find in the US. Our increasing billionare numbers will vouch for it. With increasing access to the Global funds, I am sure India has a great future. I would go as far as to say, in 15 years time you would find India as good as China or better in terms of Investment climate.

All in all I wish to invite people to learn more about India and get wiser to the oppurtunites and threats India presents.