Thursday, March 02, 2006

Truth in Advertising

It may only be this Author's perception which is misleading, but the entire of American economy seems to suffer from lack of Truth in claims, when a Republican administration is in charge of the Government. It seemingly seeps from every aspect of American society, the product of Republicans being in charge.

CAFTA, the Central American Trade Agreement, finds few Signatories in compliance with it at the point of its inaugeration; of course, American small business and Labor have suffered from a flood of cheap Products from Central America, from the moment of its signing. Yahoo announces it is going to outsource most of its programming, a realist knows Yahoo does not want to claim responsible for maintaining the veriacity of claims issued by such Programming in the interest of American business. Remember the Republican anger at the Administration official who had the courage to suggest Iraq and Afghanistan might cost more than $100 billion. Republican proclaimed desire for smaller Government has been followed by the two worst Pork Barrel administrations in American political history, both in terms of financial amounts and percentage size of Pork Barrel to Government Services.

Oil Company Executives shrilled they would bring better, less corrupt Government to Washington, if only they would allowed leadership. Have you glanced at your Gas bill lately? Even worse, have you reviewed your total Tax bill lately--Federal, State, and Local? The most horrible aspects has not even been contemplated: Has the Government been paying for itself? Americans may feel wistful for the Days of Welfare Transfer payments, by the time George W. Bush is finally out of Office. lgl

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