Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Halloween Idea

This Author was reviewing a NYTimes article today on the sale of Terrorism Insurance in Iraq, which I imagine is one of the few industries in Iraq that is advancing. I, of course, reverted to my Quixotic nature and tried translation to American society. Long and deep Thought, almost a New York nanosecond (I use this term too much, and leave Most wondering what is meant), brought me the perfect type of Insurance to sell to the American Public.

What is the worst fear of Americans? It might be the threat of Terrorism, but no, the fear of Taxation could be the greater. It might be fear of the disruption of the Family unit, but with the current divorce rate, even the children of failed marriages have doubts to that paramountcy. Could it be the fear of ill health, possible but doubtful; Americans believe they have the best Medical system in the World, and rational statisticians would claim about Sixth Best. I had the suspicision that I was close with the Later potential fear.

I finally arrived at my brainstorm. Where is the real fear for Americans? The Answer is so obvious: They are afraid they will be stiffed by Medicare or Medical Insurers! Here We have the genuine fear of every decent American--that the Insurers will not actually pay for their Medical bills. The fear is generated by a Republican Congress and President, who keep grumbling about Welfare payments and exorbitant Costs; totally oblivious to the fact they are the most Spendthrift Congress in history. It is reinforced by Private Medical Insurers who challenge anywhere they can, and always delay Payments.

Quick sketching (in honesty, in my head) brought me the conception that the fear is very real, and highly impactual. I estimate I could sell said Insurance with premiums about 61% of individual medical insurance to family insurance policy holders. The selling point for the Insurance would be We would legally represent all of Our Insured; no need to tell them We could save about 70% of Our own Payouts from such representation. There is always the stone in the Shoe, having to employ lawyers; We would have to watch this carefully, as their hourly Charges could bankrupt Us. lgl

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