Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Educational Funding

In fiscal year 2005, the Department of Education (Education) provided more than $42 billion in grants to state and local education agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, and other organizations to conduct various program and research activities. While Congress directs the allocation of most of these funds, a small portion of this money—$4.7 billion in 2005—is awarded by the Secretary either through program competitions or through consideration of unsolicited proposals.

This Author, in the spirit of honesty, must admit he did not read the Report; he solely being interested in Grave-robbery, but felt it identified the magnitude of the Funding. The Report, though, will indicate what is wrong with current Funding procedures--not just in the specific area researched--but in the overall system. The Funding system, exactly like FEMA and disasters, provides poor quality and quantity for the amounts expended. It should be rationally designed, rather than calling for transparency!

Research Facilities need be identified so Students, Academians, and the Public knows where to turn for which type of Research or information. There should be a uniform Testing procedure for both Students and Researchers, if the Research and Education are to be Federally-funded. Amounts awarded should be specified by Catagory by Congress. Awards and Grants need be awarded under some system outline, where Applicants must attain certain levels of performance, and express an identifiable need for the Award or Grant (on both the Academic and Financial levels). There should finally be a rational Funding methodology, not just Pork Barrel enterprise by Congressmen and Senators. More cosmopolitan Commentors might suggest I expect too much, but remember the Iraq War could not cost even $100 bn. lgl

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