Monday, March 20, 2006

Fourth Year of the War

CBS News provide Estimates of War Cost in Afghanistan and Iraq as between $235-250 billion, this Expenditure simply final Federal Government admission of what has already been spent. George W. Bush cherry-picks one out of 8,000(??--possibly read that somewhere) villages and Cities, and claims Progress; CBS reports that military commanders assert only a 75% decline in violent Incidents in the city picked. We also notice that We have again resorted to sustained Airstrikes in Iraq once more, in at least one area. Again, We find Charges advanced of U.S. Troops attacking Civilians. I believe the First, but not the Last report from the field in the previous sentence. Bush states 'We must stay the Course', but what Course?

This Author once wrote an entire Book, which People happily never read, outlining how Interventions should be conducted. I once thought I had clearly warned against long incurions, that none should last over 90 Days; else Enemies of the United States from around the World would organize and fund guerilla operations against Us. I mentioned before the Iraqi invasion, that We needed to cherry-pick a native Iraqi government to immediately take over the reins of Power until Elections could be held. I warned against American sentiments to engage in the ridiculous Concept of Nation building. I warned private elements of the Federal Government and Defense Dept. that One had to pay off and potentially still employ the relatively innocent in the Saddam Army and Police; otherwise, they would constitute the core of an Opposition movement against the Occupation (I am real old-fashioned and still call things by their real name). Every element of Iraqi society states the real wrong in Iraq is not the foreign Terrorist elements, but American presence; I holding some suspicision that the majority of the Iraqi Government dreams of settling in California.

We have been in Iraq over three years, costing Ourselves some 2310 American Dead, and the Iraqis some 30,000 lives. American Casualties will cost the Federal Government a probable $10 billion per year for the next 40 years, because of Rehabilitation Costs. The cost in Iraqi Casualties would likely break Medicare--funded here by Americans, while Iraq will never be able to fund Rehabilitative Costs. Iraq can barely afford to put back together what American Airstrikes and artillery have blown apart, don't forget the Terrorist bombings and Slayings. There will never be an economic justification for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Anyone remember Pakistan). There is real need for Change, do We have to await the departure of George W. Bush from the Oval Office? lgl

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