Saturday, April 22, 2006

Carbon Offsets

The NYTimes has an article Today discussing a Fundraiser brainstorm of allowing SUV drivers to assuage their guilt by buying offsets for their personal vehicle, Home, and flight emissions. Whoever thought of this should actually receive the 60% of all funds which normally go to fundraising activities. It is almost as good as the Businessman who convinced people that they should floss their teeth every day. It actually does no more than the later ever slowed the recurrent trips to the Dentist.

This Author then had another brainstorm, and dreamed up an idea potentially as valuable as the previous ideas. He had an instant thought of the concept of Sailing ships and Wind power. Such errant flights of fancy should always be explored, as some truly outrageous engineering malfunctions have been designed. Here is the plot to the idea:

High, solid Plastic Masts should be constructed. They should be connected to a counterspring electrical Generator, along with tri-ply Sails. The inner sheet of the Sail would be an adhesive, but washable, inpenetrable material; the outer two sheets of the Sail should be a woven plastic fiber which would absorb Carbon particulate, but could also be washable. The Whole should be constructed where the Sail could be raised or lowered by plastic line. The Sails could be washed by cleansed water from a Sewer plant system.

What do We have here?

We have a Carbon Scrubber of low efficiency which will produce electricity; the counter spring will reestablish Wind capture after Gust or variation in Wind force, while such Seesaw action will generate electricity. The Counterspring will be adjustable so that the Wind sail will spill Air regularly, with sails which can be lowered automatically under Wind damage conditions. The sails can be scrubbed and the Carbon can be concentrated with Sunlight, and oxygenated to produce Charcoal which can be sold to the Chemical industry. More than All the above, Fundraisers will have fun with a Carbon Scrubber/Wind Generator. lgl

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